Chellsea + Chris Engagement

For Chellsea and Chris’s engagement photos we chose Boulevard Lake. It’s a great location as it has an infinite amount of places to stop and take photos. The weather was somewhat windy and over cast but this kind of weather is actually ideal for photos. (well minus the wind).

We started at the mini put fence which is always a very photogenic location. Chellsea and Chris were a bit shy going into the shoot, as most couples are, but they quickly settled in and had a great time interacting. Next up, we simply started making our way to the bridge. Along the way we stopped at the park and along the trail. As I have mentioned before, I always try and stand back a bit an catch natural photos with the couples interacting. Even this can be a bit tough for the couple sometime but both Chellsea and Chris were completely comfortable in front of the camera.

Once we got to the bridge we created some photos there and then went down the dam. This was the most fun for me. It was such an awesome setting with the dam in the background and the rocks in the front. I could have easily spent all day there but I don’t think Chellsea would have wanted to spend much more time pushing her hair out her face from the wind. Aside from Chris misstepping into a deep puddle, everything went smoothly. It didn’t even phase him either, he just took in stride (literally!)

As we made our way back I continued to get some nice casual photos of Chellsea and Chris walking. As usual the photo session went very quick. I am very much looking forward to their wedding on August 3rd. It should be a great time and I’m sure I’ll come away with some fantastic photos!