Sam + Dana Portraits

My good friend Sam who I have known since elementary school contacted me out of the blue and told me he was engaged. We usually go months, sometimes more, without talking to each other so I was surprised to hear the news. I was also very much excited at the same time. I was anxious to hear all about it and of course meet his fiancé. Well, I didn’t have to wait too long because they also wanted me to take some engagement photos of them! This gave me a chance to catch up with an old friend and also make a new one. After meeting with Dana and talking with her I could immediately see she was perfect for him.

We arrived at Centennial Park in the early afternoon. It was sunny and a bit chilly but otherwise great weather. After taking some formal photos along the trail, Sam and Dana changed into something a bit more casual (and warmer). The park has a great playground and both Sam and Dana were willing to climb, crouch and squeeze into pretty much everything I told them too. It resulted into a lot of spontaneous and creative photos.

At one point we made our way to the stable area. There were two very large (and friendly) white horses which made for some great backdrops. They even came right up and allowed us to pet them, which we did, even though there was a sign saying that ‘horses bite’. So maybe it wasn’t the smartest thing to do…

As usual the whole session went by super fast. It was great to meet Dana and of course see Sam again. Hopefully this time around we will stay in touch more regularly.