Weronica + Daniel Engagement

A few weeks ago I was approached by Weronika and Daniel. They had gotten married recently but regretfully they did not hire a photographer for their wedding. So they decided to see if I would be interested in doing some ‘post’ wedding photos. We decided to focus our shoot on the Kam Park/Simpson Street area.

Having scouted the area a couple hours earlier, I was extremely excited because the weather was unique to say the least. There was a constant heavy fog rolling in and out over the water and the boardwalk. I was just praying that it would hold up once we started the photoshoot. It did!

Once everyone arrived we just started walking around the area and taking some photos along the way. This is usually the way I work. I’ll give a little bit of direction but overall, it’s up to the couple to just ‘be themselves’. It almost always produces very candid and original photos.

After spending about 45 minutes at Kam Park we quickly made our way to the old swing bridge. This is private property so we had to act fast. Weronica and Daniel had no fear however, as they ran right to the middle of the bridge and knocked off some fun and spontaneous poses. While we were there we also took advantage of the train tracks too.

Next up was the train yard off Simpson street. We could have literally spent all day there but we only had about 45 minutes left in the 2 hour shoot. I must say, both Weronica and Daniel were willing to do anything for the shot! They both immediately climbed up on the back of the train and worked their magic. All I had to was sit back and capture the fun moments, and make no one was watching!

We finished off by walking up the back road taking photos along the way. I say this all the time, but this was a very fun shoot. Everything just seemed to come together at the right time. Plus we didn’t get arrested for trespassing which was a nice bonus.