Bob + Michelle Wedding

The location for this engagement photo session was the Marina. Bob and Michelle, like most couples, were a bit unsure as to what they had gotten themselves into. After the first few photos were taken though they immediately relaxed and had a great time. I just told them to sit back let me do all the work and act natural. I have had a couple other shoots at this location so it is always a challenge coming up with new and fresh photos. But, with each new couple, the opportunities seem to present themselves so there was absolutely nothing to worry about.

We started at the first dock and made our way to the other end of the Marina, stopping along the way. I don’t think Michelle was quite expecting me to make her get so close to the water but she was brave enough to do so. It wasn’t always a stable surface, but she managed to look completely relaxed even when she was scared of possibly falling in. Plus she had Bob there to save her if she did stumble. The end result was some truly creative photos.

Thanks to Bob and Michelle for being very easy going and pretty much doing anything I told them to do! I can’t wait for the wedding this summer.