Jen + Dustin Wedding

My first out of town wedding of the year took me to Fort Frances. This was the first time I shot a wedding in this city. I was very anxious to do so because I have really wanted to explore the city for some time now. I arrived early in the afternoon which gave me a small amount of time to scope out the ceremony location as well as some spots in the city which we would eventually be using.

The ceremony itself was at the hotel which was a beautiful location. It was right on the lake with a variety of docks leading out to the water. Everyone gathered in the back courtyard and watched as the wedding party made their way to the alter. Their was a little bit of fear that the weather would not hold but it did, and for the majority of the day which was perfect.

After the ceremony there was a receiving line and then it was time to start the family portraits. The first set took place on the docks on the lake. As you can see from the photos it was a great location. Then it was off to the forest beside the hotel that overlooked the water. This is where we focused more on the entire bridal party. The adventure started soon after that as we made our way to rest of the locations around the city.

The first stop was the ‘Point’, which had a huge tree which we used in some of the photos as well as a spectacular view overlooking the city. There was also a train bridge which we also used as a backdrop for some group photos. It was very windy but the unpredictable weather only added to the photos. We got out of that spot just as a storm rolled in. Luckily our next location was indoors…the hockey arena!

This was definitely one of the more unique locations I have shot at. We were able to have the entire rink to ourselves. We took advantage of the team benches, the penalty box as well as the stands. Once we left there we went to our final location which was the boardwalk. It was then back to the hotel where the reception took place.

Overall the reception was a lot of fun. There were some great speeches, the food was superb and lots of people got up to dance which is always good to see. Last but not least was the bouquet toss, which as always, ended with a mad sprawl amongst the single women. Congratulations to Jen and Dustin and the rest of the party for a wonderful wedding. Everyone was easy going, fun and it really came through in all the photos.