Sydney + Family Portraits

The first time I photographed Sydney she was 1 years old. This time around we chose Vickers Park as the location. The minute everyone arrived Sydney was off and running. We basically just followed her around the whole shoot. This made for some great candid photos.

Once she found the flowers on the ground she continued to pick them and give them to everyone. We then made our way to the park area where she just went non stop. The slide was a little bit too intimidating for her but she was not hesitant to make her stuffed bunny slide down it a few times.

We continued to walk around the park area as there was an endless supply of rides to explore. There was a quick stop at the swing set and then we decided to walk around a bit more in the grass area. After a few minutes Sydney decided she was done with the session by pulling up her skirt and taking off her diapers, casually handing them to her mom Heather. And that was that.

It was another fun and spontaneous photo session with Heather, Keith and Sydney. Once she got going there was no stopping her and the camera did not bother her at all. In fact she was striking a lot of poses. I can’t wait to see how much energy she has at age 3!