Matt + Jen Engagement

My latest photo session was engagement photos for Matt & Jen. With their busy schedule we weren’t able to do them until this week. The weather didn’t quite hold out for us and it ended up being a very cold morning. But, that had absolutely no effect on how the photos turned out and how much fun everyone had. We started the 1 hour session at the bluffs. They both wanted a few photos with the Sleeping Giant in the background. Because we scheduled it for 9 in the morning, this allowed for perfect lighting.

Next up was a quick car ride to Boulevard and the dam area. We stopped along the bridge and eventually made our way down to the rapid area which was no completely covered with snow and ice. As we made our way back to the start we took advantage of a bench and then some of the forested area. Matt and Jen were perfect models and they helped make the entire shoot feel natural and candid. I’m still not sure if Matt can feel his feet from all the deep snow I made him walk through, but I’m sure they will enjoy the results!