Leah + Family Portraits

Centennial Park was the setting for my most recent photo session. Leah, Stephen and their family decided to take take advantage of my Fall Portrait Special. They were leaving to fly back to Vancouver the next day so everyone was hoping for a good day of weather. We got what we wished for because it was cool, cloudy and most importantly, it didn’t rain!

As we all made our way to the main trail, we stopped around the cabin area first and captured some family photos of the entire group. After that, everyone seemed a lot more relaxed which made from some great candid photos as well. From there, we took advantage of the fall colours along the trail, the train tracks, the park and of course the day wouldn’t have been complete without a visit to the horses.

As usual, the day went by very fast and the photos turned out amazing mainly because Leah, Stephen and their entire family were very easy going and it really helped create some genuine moments. Thanks to Leah, Stephen and everyone else for a great time!