Anne + Family Portraits

It was time for yet another Fall Portrait session. The location this time around was just outside of town on Mountain Road. The weather was fantastic although it was a bit chilly. The important thing was that there was still some fall colours lingering around. Once I arrived at Anne’s house, the kids quickly got ready and then it was off to a nearby trail which I have never been down before.

I always find it amazing how many unique photos you can get from one simple location. We spent about 40 minutes on the trail. I mixed some ‘posed’ photos in with some of my usual candid ones. It’s really easy to take candid photos when you have kids in the picture. This photo shoot was no exception. Some of the best photos of the day were simple candid photos.

We finished off the day back at the house. Photographing right at the family’s home is a really great way to get genuine photos. As you can see from some of the photos below I was able to capture some superb moments. Thanks as always to Anne and her whole family for letting me into their lives for one brief hour!