Jen + Baby Felix Newborn Portraits

When one of my good friends Jen asked me to photograph her and her 3 week old son Felix, I jumped at the chance. Newborn photography is something I want to start specializing in. So what better way to get started then by capturing photos of little Felix. 

After arriving at Jen's house we quickly set up a little area where the photo session would take place. The good thing about newborn photography is that you don't need a lot of space. We came with a few different backdrops and some props and this allowed for a variety of different options. We only had about an hour to work with so we only did a few variations but in the end it resulted with some truly great photos. 

Felix was a real trooper. He was very patient and only had a few moments where he needed to be fed or changed. But other then that, there were really no problems. One of the main things I learned from this session was that you have to be really patient and just go with the flow. In other words, Felix kind of dictated what shots we were going to come away with, which kept the photos natural and spontaneous. 

Thank you to Jen and of course my lovely assistant Anne. I absolutely love how the photos turned out and I hope this is the start of yet another facet of my photography business!