Favourite Wedding Photos of 2013

With the new year now upon us, I figured it was a perfect time to highlight some of my favourite images from this past 2013 wedding season. It may come across like I am patting myself on the back but I think with anything, it's important to reflect. It allows us to not only see where we excelled but also where we can improve. 

Each year I look back, I realize just how much I have evolved as a photographer. I continue to develop my style and learn new techniques and also new ways to look at things. It also helps that every single couple I photographed were fantastic to work with. For someone like me who has more of a documentary style way of shooting, it's important that couples are very relaxed and natural. 

I really can't wait for the 2014 wedding season. The enjoyment of meeting new couples, seeing new venues and continuing to grow as a photographer are just a few things that get me super excited. 

Thanks again to all the couples who made 2013 a year to remember.

Also, stay tuned for my next post which will include my best portraits for 2013!

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