Kristi + Family Portraits

It seems as though summer took forever to get here and who knows how long this hot weather is going to last. So, Krisi and her whole family took advantage and we had a wonderful photo session at Centennial Park. Even at 6:30 it was still quite hot but we managed to bear the heat, find some shade and come away with some truly fun and candid photos.

As we walked down the first trail we stopped along the way. We did some whole family shots on the train tracks and eventually in front of the old log cabins in the main area. Next up was a walk back up the train tracks to the park and eventually to the the farm. Just as we were finishing up we did a few quick photos of everyone jumping which was an absolute blast. I still can’t believe how everyone committed to the jump. The enthusiasm everyone showed made the final shot a keeper.

Thanks again to Kristi and her family for being so easy going. We did some serious poses and a lot of fun random ones. It was a great evening and I wish I could have spent another hour with them.