Amy + David Wedding

Vahalla Inn in Thunder Bay was the location for my wedding with Amy & David. I showed up around 1:30 and immediately started taking photos of David and his party. Upon arriving, all the boys were in a relaxed mood joking and having fun. I spent the next 30 minutes taking photos of them getting ready. We did a couple outdoor shots since they were on the main floor and of course there were also some Jagerbombs which further helped to calm the nerves.

Then it was off to Amy’s room. I got there just as they were tying up her dress. It was quite the lace job but once it was done it looked fabulous! The girls were joking around just as much as the guys were. This was a sign of the rest of the day would be. Everyone was just so easy going and carefree. It really made my job that much easier. It also made for some equally fun photos. My favourite photo from this part of the day was when the entire party pretended they were misbehaving.

I then made my way down the ceremony. This took place in the beautiful courtyard. Since this was my first time shooting a wedding here, I was anxious to see how it all looked. On some of the trees they hung up a whole bunch of photos of Amy and David. This was such a nice touch. Once the music got going and everyone took their seats, it was time for the boys to walk, more like run, down the aisle. Once the girls made their way, it was a lot more deliberate. Surrounded by the trees and eventually the crowd, it made for some great photos.

The ceremony itself took about 30 minutes, then it was time for the portrait session. We spent the next hour in the courtyard getting all the family shots as well as ones of the bride and groom. As I mentioned before, everyone involved was willing to have a bit of fun with the photos as you can tell from the resulting images below.

Once that was all said and done it was time to head off to the reception area. I took some time to just photography the table settings and different aspects of the room, before everyone arrived. As soon as everyone had their seat, dinner started almost immediately. The next hour and bit was spent walking capturing some of the special moments. The cake looked fantastic and food was very tasty. So much to choose from!

All in all it was an action packed day and I was so lucky to be able to be a part of it. Thanks again to Amy and David.