Daniel + Erica Wedding

Once again I had the pleasure shooting another wedding at a brand new location. This time around it was the Thunder Bay Marina. Daniel and Erika were the lucky couple. With the sleeping giant in the background, it was the perfect setting for a wedding. Everyone gathered around the flowers and waited for Erika too make her way down the pathway with her father. It gave me a chance to get some great candid shots of all the guests.

Once Erika started her walk everyone got up and anxiously waited. Both her and Daniel looked great and I just loved their attire. They hired a a few musicians to play music in the background and it really added to the overall mood. All in all it was just a perfect setting. After the ceremony we took just a bit of time to capture some family photos.

Then it was off to Centennial Park with just the 3 of us. This is always a great location as there are so many different spots to take photos. We didn’t stay in one spot to long however, as the mosquitos were out in full force. I felt bad for Erika because as I was taking photos I can see her struggling not to swat a bug mid photo. It made for a fun time though as you had no choice but to be easy going when you are getting eaten alive.

Lastly, I quickly followed them back to their parent’s place to snap a few family photos. And then my day was done. Erika and David were a pleasure to photograph. I just love how the photos turned out, being such a cute couple played a large part in that.