Stacy + Adam Wedding

When Stacy and Adam’s photographer decided to not shoot their wedding they asked me to do it as a favour. Well, since we were going to the wedding anyways, I jumped at the chance to also be the photographer. The other reason I was extremely excited was because I had never been to Lutsen Resort and I had heard that it is supposed to be beautiful. 

Well, it definitely lived up to all the hype. The main portion of the resort was located right on the water, which meant you were but a 1 minute walk to the lake. With the huge waves constantly crashing against the shore it made for the perfect backdrop for a wedding. Unfortunately it wasn’t all good news though. Once Saturday rolled around it was gloomy and rainy. On the bright side, we did manage to sneak out here and there to capture some outdoor shots.

Before I had the chance to get to the beach, my day started with Stacy and the rest of her bridal party getting ready in her room. I wasn’t their long but I did get some great shots of her getting ready as well as some of the kids.After that it was off to the main resort. As I waited for all the guys to gather, I was able to snap a few candid shots. We then made our way to the outdoor walkway that overlooked Lake Superior. Because it was so cold it we weren’t really staying in one place too long. We quickly made our way down to the beach. It was a no brainer to use the lake as the backdrop and even though it was rainy and grey out, the photos still had a certain mood to them which I loved.

The girls eventually arrived so we made our way inside. As I waited for all the guest to gather into the ceremony area, I focused on getting a ton of candid photos of everyone. Soon after all the guests arrived the ceremony began and it was quite beautiful. Once it was over everyone mingled around for a bit and then I stole the entire wedding party and the immediate family for some outdoor photos. Lucky for us, the weather held up just a bit and we once again made our way down to the beach. One of my favourite shots of the day was Adam carrying Stacy down the beach. Once we got to the spot, the resulting photo with them posing in front of the waves splashing off the rocks behind, was another keeper.

It started to rain very hard so everyone headed back in. All was not lost as there was a nice little porch which allowed us to get all the special group photos. Then it was time for the receiving line, and eventually, the reception. As always the speeches were very heartfelt and everyone was laughing and even crying at times. In order to get the couple to kiss, one had to do their best ‘animal call’. As expected, this resulted in some very unique moments. The reception was actually over early in the day so the rest of the evening was spent back where the ceremony was, except now, it was a very cool dance floor with a live DJ. Everyone danced then danced the night away.

Thanks to Stacy and Adam for inviting me to their wedding and allowing me to shoot their wedding. Even though it was a favour, I was extremely proud of the resulting photos and I can’t wait to hopefully photograph their family again.