Nancy + Family Portraits

It was yet another beautiful fall day just in time for my latest portrait session with Nancy and her 3 daughters. The location this time around was the Thunder Bay Marina. I like using this location especially when there are kids in the family as it really provides a nice relaxed atmosphere with plenty of distractions. That is exactly what happened this time around. We walked down one of the walkways and everyone was jumping off the raised ledges. Then it was off big grassy hill, but along the way there were plenty of things to climb. There were even a couple ducks here and there which provided for some priceless reactions from the girls. 

As usual, the hour went by really quick. Just before we were going to finish up I saw a small patch of long grass by the parking lot. This is where some of the best photos came from as the girls wouldn’t stop running around and through it. With the sun beaming the in background it made for some truly fantastic photos. I couldn’t have asked for better weather and even better family to photograph. I still can’t get over how much energy they all had.