Sean + Carly Wedding

When I first met with Sean and Carly earlier in the year to discuss their wedding, one of their main concerns was what to do if it rains the day of the wedding. Well, low and behold, it did indeed rain. When I first arrived at the simply stunning location which was located on Carly’s family farm, everything was set up for the outdoor ceremony. The rain soon followed and the backup plan was to hold the ceremony in the outdoor tent they had set up. After a little bit of waiting, the rain eventually passed and it turned it a very hot and sunny day.

As I mentioned before the location was just wonderful. As everyone slowly arrived and braved the quick sun shower, there was plenty of space to mingle and wait for the ceremony to begin. They had a nice little outdoor bar setup on the side of one of the barns, and guests were also able to take shelter in the outdoor tent. Guests were soon told to make their way to the seating area. Half of them sat in the chairs and the rest stood, gathered in behind. With the sun beating down, the 3 piece band played music and Sean and the guys made their way to the aisle. Shortly after that, the girls and eventually Carly and her dad walked through the crowed of anxiously awaiting guests.

All in all the ceremony took about 40 minutes and it was quite nice. There were even some laughs as Sean stumbled a couple times on his words which is completely understandable given the circumstances…there were a lot of people watching his every move. After the ceremony was done the entire wedding party took a brief respite inside the house, then it was time for the family portraits.

It was all very casual and we just went with the flow. We did some group shots first, with a few photos of just Carly and Sean mixed in. We also took advantage of a lot of the different areas of the property including the long road leading in, some of the hold barns and of course, the great green backdrops. My favourite photos of the day were when the ladies were posing with the fur scarves around their next. The photos were just so natural and fun.

Soon after the portraits were done, the wedding party took a short break and mingled with the guests. Then the receiving line started which actually took about an hour or so. By the time it was done the food was all ready. As the chef and the servers prepared the table, the wedding party made their entrance into the tent and Sean and Carly immediately started into their first dance. After that, the speeches would follow from the best man and maid of honour and then it was time to eat.

All the food was fantastic but the highlight for me were the two roasted pigs. It was definitely a sight to see. After dinner, my night was over and I left shortly after. I’m sure the rest of the night was a blast for everyone there. Sean and Carly were such a great couple to photograph and I couldn’t have asked for a better wedding to be a part of!