Rob + Theresa Wedding

Rob & Theresa celebrated their wedding this past June 1st and I had the pleasure of photographing them the entire day. We started at St. Peters Church in the East End. I had never been in this church before so I was in awe of how it looked on the inside. My favourite part was being able to go upstairs which allowed me to get some nice wide shots of the entire ceremony. After the ceremony was done everyone gathered outside the church and talked for a while before moving on to the next location. This was a good opportunity to get some more candid photos as well as some posed shots in front of the church. 

For the next few hours we went to different locations for the portraits with the wedding party. The first stop was the Thunder Bay Museum. The three of us recently did a short engagement shoot there so I was anxious to get the whole wedding party inside and take advantage some of the exhibits. Some of my faves from this part of the tour was when we got both bridal parties in front of the old street exhibit. Upon exiting the Museum I quickly got Rob & Theresa to stand in the middle of the busy street so I could get some shots of them with the city as the backdrop.

It was then off to the Thunder Bay Conservatory. We spent about 40 minutes here. This is always a good location to shoot at because the lighting is great and there are lots of wonderful backdrops. Plus, we basically had the place to ourselves.

The last stop before the reception was Comix Plus, one of the local comic book stores downtown. Everyone had a great time there posing with the all the old comic books and albums. As you can see from the photos below we came away with some very unique photos.

The reception took place at the Italian Hall. As always it was a great venue. Everyone had a great time and there were a lot of laughs. Especially when Rob and Theresa were put back to back on chairs and asked to answer questions about their relationship. Some of the expressions during those moments were priceless. My night was almost done but not before the first dance. You could really tell just how much in love Rob and Theresa were by the way they danced and kissed during that first dance.

Thanks again, as always, to Rob and Theresa for letting me document their special day!