Lindsay + Dustin Wedding

Lindsay and Dustin celebrated their wedding on July 30th, 2011. The day started off at the groom’s and then off to the bride’s. Watching Dustin and Lindsay get ready on their wedding day was exciting. It allowed me to capture some really good natural moments. The nervousness and the anticipation simply can’t be hidden during that time. After that, it was time for some pre-portraits before the ceremony itself. We gathered the whole group and headed down to Victoria street to take some quick shots in front of some old buildings.

The ceremony itself was at the MNR which ended up being a beautiful location for the wedding and some portraits afterwards. Aside from a missing ring after the ceremony, everything went very smooth. Everyone then made their way to the Nor Wester where it was time to get on with the celebration. There were some truly moving speeches and plenty of tears shed and laughs too. In the end, the entire day was a joy for me to photograph. Thanks again to Lindsay and Dustin for including me in their special day.