Howlapalooza - Butchers Ball 3

Howlapalooza – Butchers Ball 3, is by far some of the most fun I’ve had taking photos this year. As with previous years, it was held at the Prosvita. One of the local legions in Thunder Bay, Ontario. I arrived at the event an hour prior to set up all my gear. With the backdrop already in place I set up my area around it. It included all my own lighting, a photo printer, laptop and an extra monitor so all participants and passer-byers could see the photos right then and there.

The process was simple. Get your photo taken, check it out on screen instantly, and if you like it you could purchase a print in a variety of sizes right there. The whole system worked wonderfully with only a few delays here and there when it got busy. Otherwise, it seemed like everyone who participated was having a blast. Even if people didn’t intend on purchasing a print, they were encouraged to get a couple photos taken regardless.

Overall the night was a huge success for Jerry of Big Bang Productions. From what I saw, there were a TON of people, all dressed up. Be sure to check out his website for upcoming costume parties. They are always a guaranteed fun time.