Ryan + Chelsea Wedding

This was probably one of the most last minute weddings I have ever done. Ryan had contacted me about a week prior to their wedding, we met a few days later and then the wedding was here. Just like that. Right up until the Saturday the actual location wasn’t even confirmed. They had it narrowed down to two locations, and depending on the unpredictable weather, they would choose accordingly. Well, with it being a bit too cold outside for an outdoor wedding, they went with the Conservatory. I had previously shot a couple weddings here before and I simply couldn’t wait to do so again. It’s such a great location to work with. 

The ceremony itself was very small and intimate. In total there were about 7 people at the wedding, including the bride and groom. This really allowed me to get some nice candid shots of everyone. Once the wedding started Ryan and Chelsea took their spot on the small bridge. As everyone watched on they said their vows and then it was over. Short, sweet and very joyful. As always, we took some time to get some family photos against the various beautiful backdrops within the conservatory. It was then off to the Mission Marsh for some portraits with Ryan and Chelsea.

The weather was very brisk and Chelsea was a real trooper. She was just in her wedding dress with really no protection from the cold. Even after multiple offers from Ryan willing to hand over his jacket she politely said no for fear of ruining some of the photos. It definitely wasn’t in vain as I think these are some of the best portrait shots I have gotten this year. They were very natural behind the camera and it really showed. My favourite was a very simple yet effective shot where they were holding each other down the trail.

After about an hour walking around we quickly finished up with one final shot with the Sleeping Giant in the background. Then it was time to get Chelsea back into the warm vehicle to try and defrost! Ryan and Chelsea were a pleasure to photograph and as always I am so lucky to have been part of their day.