Katie + Kurtis Wedding

The last wedding of August for me was Katie and Kurtis. It was almost like the best was saved for last! My day started at the Vahalla with Katie and her bridal party. They had rented a hotel room and I was there to capture all the fun. It was a pretty relaxed atmosphere but as the time to leave came closer you could feel some of the nervous tension in the air. But it was a good thing. Everyone made their way down to the limo waiting outside, hopped in, and just like that they were off. 

The wedding took place at Whitewater Country Club. This is always a beautiful location. As everyone gathered on the outdoor patio overlooking the forest Kurtis waited anxiously for his future bride to make her way down the aisle. Once she started, everyone stood up and admired the gorgeous bride. She really did look quite beautiful. The ceremony itself was fairly short and the live music playing the background was really a nice touch.

Next up was the greeting line and then it was off to do some group portraits. We didn’t go very fair as there was a nice shady spot just by the clubhouse. Luckily we found some shade because it was one of the hottest days of the year. The entire wedding party was very fun to work with. I even got the guys to jump in  the air a few times which made for some pretty silly yet spontaneous results. My favourite shot with the gang was when the bridal party picked up Kurtis. You could see that they were struggling a bit but they pulled it off!

Thankful to get out of the heat we all made our way to the reception area inside. After spending some time photographing the little details the speeches started right away. Instead of just clinking glasses together, guests were required to sink a golf ball on the putting green. Suffice it to say, many guests cheated. The rules would eventually change later in the evening as any guest who didn’t sink it on their first try had to kiss someone from the wedding party. There were some good ones.

Once dinner was done it was time for the first dances. First up was Kurtis and Katie and then Kurtis and his mom. We were then able to sneak out for a few minutes and get some really nice sunset shots. Even though it was very overcast it was still a great setting. I finished the night by capturing Katie and Kurtis cutting the cake. Oh, and the cake was the best one I have seen to date which you can see in the photos below. Thanks as always to the wonderful bride and groom for a great day. I had so much fun.