Amy + Family Portraits

With the Fall weather slowly going away it’s getting harder and harder find colourful spots throughout the city. But, if you like hard enough, there is still plenty of colour left. For my latest portrait session with Amy and her family we were originally going to go to Boulevard, instead though, we ended up just down the street where there were plenty of leaves and fall colours!

As soon as we got out of the vehicles the kids were off and running. The majority of the photo session was me following them around and capturing candid photos. As you can see from the samples below, I came away with some really good ones. We were also able to get a couple family photos as well which is often hard with energetic kids. Aside from the pumpkin taking some abuse, a few tumbles and even a couple elbows to the head, the session was a success. Everyone had fun, especially me! Thanks to Amy and her family for letting me photograph them on a beautiful Sunday morning.