Downtown with the Fuji X100F

This afternoon I decided to head downtown for an espresso at my favourite coffee shop in town. For the second week in a row, it was closed early. I even went earlier this time. I wasn’t planning on walking around and taking photos but I did bring my Fuji X100F with me so I decided to spend about an hour walking around.

Luckily I brought my hat and gloves because it was quite chilly. I’ve taken photos downtown many many times so it’s always a challenge looking for different ideas and compositions. In the cold weather I tend to just keep moving and photographing what ever catches my eye.

I did have a bit of a scare halfway through my walk. As I was crossing the overpass I stopped to give a couple people some spare change. Up taking off my gloves I forgot that my hand strap was on top of it. Bam. My camera fell about 3 feet to the ground. Luckily I have a pretty sturdy hand grip which took the brunt of the impact. After I quick inspection everything worked well. Although I did lose my shutter release button. But I learned my lesson this time around and ordered a 3 pack.

I continued on my way to the marina which was very cold. I didn’t stay there too long. Once I got back to my car it took me 5 minutes to open due to a failing battery in my keys, which I have been meaning to fix for quite a while now.

I still wanted a coffee so I stopped at another great coffee shop which is always open. Photographing with the Fuji is just a pleasure. It honestly feels like an extension of myself. All the photos here were shot in the chrome setting and I uploaded them directly to my phone and tweaked them in the VSCO app. I realized after the fact that I had grain set to high so I apologize for the grainy photos. I don’t mind grain though personally.