First Weekend with the Nikon DF

With camera gear I’m always reading reviews and watching videos, keeping up to date with what’s new. With that being said, I almost always try to purchase used gear, especially camera bodies and lenses. There are exceptions of course, like a recent Fuji XT3 purchase.

For my professional work, my main gear centers around Nikon. Specifically the D750. It’s an absolute workhorse of a camera and has gotten me through lots of weddings, events and everything else. After selling my D810, which I owned for about 6 months, I knew I needed another Nikon. 

I was very tempted to just get another D750, but another camera has always called out to me, but my budget just could never justify it. That camera is the Nikon DF. Since it first came out, I wanted it. Problem was, it was just way to expensive. I decided to look into getting a used one and I was able to land a good deal on eBay. I have had it for about a week now and I absolutely love it.  

I know it recieved a lot of criticism when it was released, and even to this day. I did a lot of research on it and knew all the ‘short comings’, I was fine with them. Once I get out with it more I’ll do a short review, but I did want to share my first thoughts.

This past weekend was my first opportunity to get outside and explore with the DF. I pretty much hijacked my wife all day. The set below were taken during the afternoon on our walk and driving around. From that day alone, I have a couple other photo sets to l post. And ... I’m the last week I think I have taken at least 2000 photos with it. That’s all personal and family stuff too, nothing professional. You can bet my first paid gig of the year will see the DF coming out.

I don’t know if I’m imagining it, but I find the tones and colours are even better then tbe D750. I swear they just pop a bit more and have a certain 3D quality. I thoroughly enjoyed shooting with the DF over the weekend. In think at the end of the day, any camera today can take great photos. But it’s important to actually enjoy using the camera you have, otherwise you might not be as motivated to take photos in the first place. The Nikon DF is definitely one of those cameras, at least for me.

Thanks for viewing!