Janice + Roy Wedding

As mentioned in my previous post, my second wedding was in Nipigon, that was on a Saturday. I had no time to let it sink in as I had another one the very next day! Luckily it was an afternoon wedding so I did have time to actually recharge all the batteries. This time it was at the Norwester. I popular choice for weddings in the Thunder Bay area and one that provides some great opportunities for outdoor photos.

Once everything got underway I got into position and clicked away as the the wedding party walked down the isle. One of my favourite photos of the day was of the flower girls which can be viewed below. The ceremony itself was very sweet and you could tell Janice and Roy were both a bit nervous but very much in love. They both looked amazing, especially Janice, which always makes my job as a photographer that much easier.

For the portrait photos we headed over to the small dock by the pond. They only wanted a few really nice ones so we spent about 15 minutes shooting some unique poses. It was a small reception but a very beautiful one. A Dash of Love Events did a fabulous job of decorating and organizing the whole event. The highlight of the night, aside from the first dance, would definitely have to be the two contemporary dancers from Toronto Janice hired. They came all the way down from the big city to perform 3 wonderfully moving dances. Thanks again to Janice and Roy for allowing me to document their wedding day.