Willow + Family Portraits

The Thunder Bay Marina was the setting for my family portrait session over the weekend. Willow contacted me a couple months prior to photograph her and her family. After a couple attempts we finally settled on a date and stuck to it! It was well worth it because the day was perfect and the finished photos turned out great. 

I knew we were going to take advantage of ice rink there but I had no idea I was going to have the opportunity to photograph the entire family skating around and having fun. It was a pleasant surprise. It also made for some really natural photos. Sometimes little kids are hard to photograph but every time I even remotely pointed the camera at Brandon, he would instantly pose and smile for me. It was quite funny and made my job that much easier. Although it was a bit tough to get candid photos of him sometimes because he was always looking directly at the camera. 

After spending about 45 minutes on the ice, everyone packed up their gear and we quickly walked along the path and took a few more photos on the bridge and at one of the lookouts. As always the day went by fast, especially when you are chasing around kids on a skating rink! Thank you to Willow and her whole family for the opportunity.