Frequently asked questions


Who is behind 'Chondon Photography'

My name is Patrick Chondon and I am the owner and everything else at Chondon Photography. I got started in photography way back in my College days on old film cameras. Fast forward to about 6 years ago and I decided to purchase a fancy new digital camera. Instantly, I fell in love with photography again and I would eventually do a very small wedding to test the waters. Well, it built from there, and I have now become a full-fledged wedding and portrait photographer. 

What kind of photography do you do?

I would define my photography as a documentary. I absolutely love to look for those moments as they happen, not having to force them to happen. As a wedding photographer I am always there for direction, especially with posed photos, but the majority of my work is when people aren't really focusing on the camera itself.

Why should I trust you to take photos on my special day?

That's actually an easy question. If you look back at all the clients and wedding couples that have trusted me with their special day over the years, you should know by now that I am completely reliable and competent. But, what it really comes down to is if you actually like my style of photography. If you do, we should meet and get to know one another. 

Do you offer a second shooter?

No. I currently do not need a second shooter. I have yet to encounter a wedding where I miss a shot. I don't really focus on quantity of photos, rather, quality is much more important. I have yet to have a couple complain the amount of final photos they get.

Why can't I just get my brother-in-law to photograph my wedding, he has a nice camera?

You can, and a lot of couples get a close relative or someone they know to shoot their wedding. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, and if you don't have a budget for a wedding photographer then I think that makes perfect sense. Just remember, you get what you pay for. With a professional wedding photographer you get someone who knows the flow of the day, can anticipate moments, and most importantly deliver a high quality finished product.

So exactly what do I get after the wedding, and when?

The amount of photos you get depends on the package you choose but aside from that each couple receives all the final high res images, as well as lo res images on a USB stick. I also do a nice blog writeup of the day as well as sharing a few photos as a sneak peek through Facebook. For no extra cost, I also convert a lot of the photos to black and white, and a select few are custom treated for a 'vintage' look. One of the things I am most proud of is my turnaround time. I guarantee you will get your photos within 60 days. Honestly, it's usually closer to a few weeks.

What do you mean by 'processed'

All the photos taken of your day are processed (developed) on the computer. The program I use is Lightroom and I have my own special recipe for giving your images my signature look. This ensures that your entire wedding day looks like one complete story.

What kind of cameras and lenses do you use?

As of now I am mainly Nikon based. My go to camera is a Nikon d700 and my backup is a d610. Mixed in there is a little Fuji x100s which allows me blend in and get shots I wouldn't otherwise get with my big full frame cameras. My go to lens is the 70-200 VRII and my trust 50mm 1.8. I am constantly evaluating this setup and may very well got a bit lighter with mirrorless cameras, but time will tell. Just remember, don't judge your photographer on the size of their camera, it really comes down to how the final photos look.

Are multiple locations allowed on our wedding day or do you charge extra?

No extra charge. I often get wedding couples doing a portrait shoot at various locations throughout the city. Even the reception and the wedding or almost always at different locations. What ever package you end up getting means you get me for that amount of time, no matter where we go in the city. Traveling costs and gas etc. are all factored in to my pricing. An exception to this is if you wedding is actually out of town, in which case extra charges may be applied.

We are really awkward in front of the camera and worried you won't be able to get good photos

You would be amazed how many times I get this question. Don't worry about it, you are in good hands. Even with the posed photos I am good at getting even the most awkward people in front of the camera to look natural.

We don't really need a photographer for the whole day, do we have to commit to a full day package?

Absolutely not. Choose whatever package best fits your needs and you are good to go. Don't feel pressure to get the most expensive package. Now, don't get me wrong, I would love as much time with you guys as possible in order to get a wide array of photos. But, whatever time frame you choose, I'll be sure to get lots of great shots.

If we want a photo booth at our wedding is that something you offer?

This would be an added cost but it is definitely an option. Usually what I will do is set up a white or custom backdrop and have a camera set up that takes photos of anybody who wants a fun photo taken. Depending on your budget, it usually makes the most sense to have it for about an hour or two. Usually by then, most people have had the chance to get their photo taken.

What happens if our time runs out and we still want you to take some more photos?

This is another great question. So, say you have me booked until 10:00 and things are running late. You just started your first dance. What happens now? I can't speak for other photographers out there but I will be damn sure to get the necessary photos. Usually if I am required 15 minutes or so extra, it's no big deal. Anything more and there might be a bit a charge but this is all discussed before the contract is even signed.

Why do I need to sign a contract

I get every single couple to sign a contract. It is very basic and straightforward. It ensures that the date is yours once signed, it outlines the structure of the deposit and final payment amounts, along with timing. Basically it protects both parties. If you ever go with a photographer that doesn't require you to sign a contract be very weary. I have had a few couples sign on with me simply because their photographer bailed on them with a week to go. Good for my business but very stressful and unfortunate for the couples.

We are ready to hire you as our photographer, now what?

Wow, I'm flattered. Thank you very much. Simply fill out the contact form and await my response within 24 hours. The next steps usually consist of meeting up in person, discussing what package you are interested in and then taking care of the contract and deposit. 

What is the meaning of life?

I cannot answer that for you, only you can. ;)