My latest wedding provided quite a few special moments but the one I included below is by far my favourite. It happened during the bride and father dance. For most of the dance Amanda, the bride, was smiling and then for a short time the emotions got the better of her and she couldn't hold back the tears.

When I shoot weddings I always like to spend a bit of time focusing on the family members. There is usually a lot of emotion there that might otherwise be missed if you simply look at the bride and groom the whole time. In this case I noticed the Grandma was just so proud the entire ceremony. When it was over, Erika, the bride, walked over to her and gave her the biggest hug. It was definitely one of my favourite moments from the wedding.

As I was getting ready for the guests to arrive at the ceremony I saw that the Father of the groom was sitting alone with his head hanging. He was deep in thought. It only last a few seconds but it goest to show you that a photo can capture an instant in time that would otherwise be gone forever.

After the bride was done getting ready she headed downstairs to simply hang out for a while before heading out. Well, as soon as she saw her friend they both just broke down and let the emotions out. I was coming down the stairs at the time and I was able to quickly snap this great photo of two friends sharing a moment.

During this past wedding season I had the pleasure of photography Katie & Kurtis. The whole wedding was a pleasure to be a part of and I got a lot of great photos. This particular one was from the receiving line. As the guest walked up she just paused, looked at Katie, and had this wonderful expression on her face. She was basically in awe. Luckily I was there to capture it. One of my favourite images from the past season.

This was one of those photos where timing was everything. As the girls were watching on I noticed the little girl was not to keen on being there. So I waited, and as she had this 'I really don't want to be here' face I snapped the shot. 


It was a really cold and rainy day at the resort during this October wedding. As everyone one was making their way down to the beach for a quick shoot, I captured this wonderful photo of one of the bridesmaids trying to stay warm and looking off into the distance.

As we were getting ready to do some portrait photos one of bridesmaids ran off to grab something. It was a fleeting moment but for some reason I just loved the spontaniety of the situation. Plus the fact that she ran like that pretty much summed up the carefree atmosphere of the entire wedding.

We had just arrived at the Whitewater Golf Club and there were a few people arriving and greeting each other. As usual, I was staying back and looking for some great genuine and candid moments. Well, I lucked out because I was able to catch the exact moment Cara leaned down for a kiss. One of my favourite moments of the day.

I was able to capture this photo a recent wedding and I just love it. It was a rainy start to the day and this little guy either wasn't enjoying the rain or perhaps he was just tired. I quickly raised my camera and he must have been drawn to the huge lens because he held the stare for a couple seconds.